Water Sort Puzzle

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Mixed test tubes

You do not like water messing up in test tubes. Play Water Sort Puzzle to rearrange each type of water, and each test tube contains only one color.

When playing Water Sort you will face a color-matching problem. Here you are a scientist facing a lot of chemicals. Green, red, orange, etc are mixed together in test tubes. A genius scientist would never like this kind of messy water. It's very unattractive and dangerous. You must begin sorting quickly and make each test tube only one hue.

How to play Water Sort Puzzle

Without further ado, people with OCD do not like disorderly disturbance very much. Only you can tell the difference and get to work solving these sorting puzzles

How to rearrange

The gameplay is very simple, you just need to use the mouse to click twice to start rearranging the colors. Click once to get the amount of water in tube 1 and click a second time on the tube you want to pour color into. When each test tube will have a color, you complete the task of the level.

Organize effectively

The game will provide an additional zero intermediate test tube. Rely on it to pour color into those intermediate tubes. It will make it easier for you to organize. Pour slowly one layer at a time, the test tubes will also return to the same color. Note that you cannot pour two different colors into one tube. The game requires thinking quite carefully at every step. It will not limit the pour and time, but there will be no help items for you. In the early levels, there are only a few types of colored water and not much mess. When you are familiar with how to play, the number of test tubes of the same color will gradually increase with the level.