Doodle Jump

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Doodle Jump is a jumping game where you have to reach the sky. Let's control a little monster and jump continuously on many available platforms!

The never-ending journey in online games always attracts a lot of players. They will test each player's patience and limits. This game will be set in the endless sky where there are different platforms. Jumping on platforms to be able to move further in the sky is what you need to do.

Help Doodler in this game

Lovely characters always challenge themselves with tons of challenges. The little creature Doodler is also facing many difficulties when participating in an endless journey of Doodle Jump. Doodler is a green creature with 4 legs. It looks very unique with a gun right on the face. This gun will be very useful when meeting enemies. Now you will be the companion of this lovely character. Move him skillfully to jump on platforms. The game will end immediately if the image falls off the platform and disappears from the screen.

Doodle Jump gameplay

Just like other endless games, this game has simple and attractive gameplay. You need to control your character to jump from one platform to another platform. If you just jump like that, you can't prove your skills. So traps and enemies are added in this game.

Jump non-stop

Your character will jump automatically. Therefore, you need to direct it to higher platforms. At first, there will be many platforms in one path. However, as you jump higher, the number of platforms will decrease. In addition, they will also be further apart. That's why each step must be careful.

Keep the character safe

The game becomes harder as you face more dangers. Not only will falling off the screen make you lose, but the black holes will also make your character disappear. You even encounter Doodle Jump monsters on some paths. They have a very aggressive appearance and can knock down your character with just one touch. You can beat them by shooting bullets or dodging them. Jumping on top of them is also a good way to kill them.

Tackle the Doodle Jump traps and enemies

People often say to know oneself is true progress. Therefore, you need to understand more about the difficulties that you will have to go through in this game. From there, you can have great strategies. Of course, quick response in dangerous situations is also important.

Different platforms

You will see there are 3 main types of platforms and they are distinguished by different colors.

  • Green platforms are the most popular and safest ones. They appear more frequently than the rest.
  • Moveable platforms have a blue color. They will move back and forth from left to right and vice versa. To be able to jump on them you need to correctly estimate the time and location of the jump.
  • Brown platforms are very weak because they have a crack in the middle. It will break when your character jumps on it. They are platforms that need to be avoided in this game.

Types of dangers

  • Black holes: There are occasional black holes in the sky and they can suck everything that passes through them. Therefore, they are one of the dangers that you need to avoid.
  • Other monsters: Your character is not the only monster here. You also meet many other monsters. However, they are the villains and want to destroy your character. Shooting, avoiding, or jumping on them are available methods to tackle these enemies.
  • UFO: the alien spaceship also wants to capture your little monster. Let's avoid them!

Support items of Doodle Jump

Besides the challenges, you also should know more about the support items. These items play an important role in your adventure because they will make your journey easier. Now, let's see what they are.

  • Springs: some platforms have added springs that can bounce your character on the higher platform. Normally, your character only jumps for a short distance. However, if you jump on springs, your character will move a very high distance.
  • Rockets: I think that everyone knows rockets can fly very high. You just need to collect them and use them right after that. The rocket will push your character to a new position which is much higher than the previous position.
  • Pinwheel: You may be familiar with these pinwheels in Doraemon comics. In this game, these pinwheels have the same use as in that comic. It can help your creature to fly to higher platforms.

Things you don't know about Doodle Jump

  • This game used to be an app that could be installed on mobile devices. However, for the convenience of users, Doodle Jump online is available on our web. You can access the game without installing it.
  • Moreover, Doodle Jump unblocked also can run at the school. During the break time, students can have fun with this game. Let's challenge your friends to see who will have a higher score.
  • World RecordDoodle Jump belongs to Matthew in 2019 with 59,403 points. I believe that you can break this record and put your name on top of the leaderboard.
  • The game has very special graphics as well. You can see them as scribbles. This is what makes this game unique. The sky is like a blank page in the gas black holes of the universe are like a hole in the page.
  • Don't forget to follow the statistics on the sections of the score. In this section, you can see your scores on different tries. Moreover, you can also know the total games played, high score, last score, average score, and so on in this section. This game also offers some achievements such as jumping on 3 springs in a row, jumping on 10 monsters in one game, and so on.

Game control

You can use the left and right arrow keys to move the character from left to right. Then, press the spacebar to shoot. The monster’s bullets are unlimited, so just shoot until you defeat the other monsters. With this simple control, you can have a relaxing time with this game. In your leisure time, this game should be your priority. Hope you have a nice day!