Dreadhead Parkour

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Overview of Dreadhead Parkour

Dreadhead Parkour will take you into an exciting aerobatic world. Players will participate in the game and perform parkour to complete challenging missions.

What is Dreadhead Parkour?

Parkour games at Doodle Jump are always loved by many players. Why? Because this is an extremely relaxing game suitable for all ages. Anyone can relieve stress while playing this game. Dreadhead Parkour is about a guy named Dreadhead with long hair in a special town. He is always going everywhere to explore everything around him. Especially he is always running, jumping, and somersaulting in the air to enjoy. Parkouts are his passion. Exactly, he is always energetic and tireless. Now, take on the role of Dreadhead and join this journey with countless quests. The game has many levels which means there are many challenges waiting for you. Let's see if you can perform the ultimate parkour in the air and still avoid danger.

Dangers at Dreadhead Parkour

Dreadhead loves adventure and speed, so he always chooses the roads with the most dangerous on the way. You will constantly face sharp spins, bombs, and mines around, ... All of these require players to have quick reflexes. If there is an accidental collision, you will lose the game. Constantly having to do parkour in the air or from above, you have to immediately bend down if you don't want to crash into the wall. It requires a lot of quick techniques like a survival game.

Mission for you

This is a multi-level game with fresh graphics and colors. Each level is a different space, but your general task is still to familiarize yourself with each path to the finish line. The road will not be simple, it will be very difficult to walk so you will have to perform a series of movements such as sliding, acrobatics, turning, etc. Plus you need to collect more gold coins to become rich. It's very similar to your mission when playing Temple Run 2. The money you earn will be used to shop and unlock new skins for the character. You can also buy additional skills to help you easily overcome dangers along the way.

How to win in Dreadhead Parkour

This is a guide to control the character and some tips to help you go long distances

Control Dreadhead

  • Forward = D and right arrow
  • Back = A and left arrow
  • Jump = W and up arrow
  • Slide = S and down arrow


If you want more points with beautiful parkour, press the right arrow and up arrow on the keyboard (or tap on the screen if playing on the phone). The character will rotate and roll in the air. Remember to adjust the speed and distance of the jump so that the character lands safely. If you can't stand and fall from above, you will also lose the game. Must get used to the pitfalls along the way quickly. They will change continuously through each level. The time is right for Dreadhead Dreadhead to crouch or jump, he needs to gain momentum, otherwise, you won't be able to avoid obstacles in time.