Temple Run 2

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Temple Run 2 Exploration

In Temple Run 2 you will have a journey to explore the ancient temple. You need to jump over dangerous traps to collect gold and away from the monster guarding.

About Temple Run 2

Since its launch, Temple Run is a mobile application that has made many players crazy. It gives players extremely adventurous journeys. Following up on that success we now have Temple Run 2 online on Doodle Jump. Players will not need to spend time downloading any applications, but can now play directly on their computers or smartphones. It is still a journey to discover an ancient temple but promises to be more difficult challenges for players.

Explore the temple

You will be a tall, strong guy who boldly runs into the temple despite the chase of the guarding monster. You have to run, not stop or you don't want to be caught again. In this ancient temple, there will be traps. Non-stop winding road. The surrounding weeds, vines, and birds were also numerous. Of course, along the way, there will also be a lot of treasures, and collect them to become rich after the trip. There will be countless interesting things waiting for you to discover.

Journey to visit the ancient temple

Entering the journey of Temple Run 2, let's see what you will face and what you have

Scenery around

Already an ancient temple with monsters guarding it, there will be a lot of hidden treasures here. Go and collect them to have money to retrofit yourself. Gems and diamonds will constantly appear on the way, but you also pay attention if you are busy taking them, you will be misdirected and hit danger. The further you go, the landscape in the temple will gradually appear. Everything is covered with a misty veil of bones. Shaped rocks, wooden bridges, etc create an ancient and attractive beauty. Just play and relieve stress while watching the beautiful green nature, players will certainly feel more relaxed.

The dangers

Having entered this temple, you will face countless dangers. From the very first moment, you were chased by the black monster from the gate. After running for a while, you will have to climb the rope down to different places. There are rocks blocking the way, and fast-flowing waterfalls. There are also sparks ready to burn you. The further you go, the more pitfalls appear in a row that makes you unable to turn back. You are also not allowed to stop. Must run continuously and continuously face danger. Many dangerous locations will also be hidden in the fog, only when you get close to realize and when it is too late to react.

Help the character overcome the traps

If you are familiar with Dreadhead Parkour, the skill of controlling and overcoming challenges with Temple Run 2 will not make it difficult for you. The arrow keys or the ADSW keys on the keyboard will help the computer player control the guy to jump, crouch or move left to right. Playing on the phone, you just need to use your finger to swipe directly on the screen. The game requires you to be quick to react quickly to dangerous situations. The gems, and gold coins you earn along the way will also help you exchange more strength and protect yourself. Observe and find a safe path for yourself. Good luck.