Subway Surfers

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Boy running away in Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is about a mischievous boy's journey to escape the police. Help him jump over the rails without causing an accident and getting caught.

Game Introduction

For those who love games, especially speed games, it is impossible not to know about Subway Surfers. Subway Surfers is a game of the genre "endless runner" released in 2012. Right from its launch as an application on the phone, it has attracted and appreciated all players around the world. Now you can experience Subway Surfers right on our Doodle Jump website without having to download any apps. As long as your phone and computer are connected to the network, you will be able to play it anywhere and anytime.

Background in the game

Subway Surfers is set in a city that we often see. The street was crowded with people and cars. In that ordinary scene, there was a mischievous boy. He stood in the middle of the train tracks and spray-painted them in colorful letters. Unfortunately, being seen by the police, he immediately did not panic, waved goodbye, and ran. Looks like this isn't our boy's first time doing this. The fat policeman also has a fierce dog. Both of them tried to run very fast to catch up.

The escape journey

You control this boy to jump and avoid the trains running on the tracks. Don't let an accident happen and don't get caught by the police.

Character control

  • Up/W arrow key: jump high
  • Left arrow key/A: move left
  • Right arrow key/D: move right
  • Down arrow key/X: crouch

Avoid danger

Trains running one after another with obstacles along the tracks are something you need to avoid. They will constantly appear suddenly, making the player unable to avoid them. In addition, the running speed of the character boy will increase gradually as he goes further. Players must get used to the speed and constantly move, preparing for the dangers that constantly appear. The trains run at a fast speed and don't stop you can't let yourself get hit and cause an accident. But let's use that to cut off the police's tail. You can wait for the train to arrive and then jump on the roof of the running train. Subway Surfers is not divided into levels, only running continuously. Pay close attention and pay special attention not to do it in real life. No one is allowed to run near the train while it is running. That is very dangerous.

Gold coin income

You are quite lucky that wherever you go, you will see gold coins. Maybe it's available or maybe from the passerby. No one can take them but you. You see them and get close enough that gold coins can automatically earn in your pocket. If you have a lot of money, you can shop as much as you like, and change the boy's appearance. It will be cooler with eyeglasses, hats and expensive clothes. If you like infinite runs with dangers, you can play Run 3 to have a journey in the vast galaxy.