Helix Jump

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Addictive Helix Jump game

It's time to relax with Helix Jump. Let's help the ball jump down the spiral maze. Rotate the maze so that the ball does not fall into different colored places.

What is Helix Jump?

Helix Jump must be no stranger to many people. It is developed by Voodoo. After its initial release in 2018 on mobile devices and has achieved success and has a certain place with many players. This is a fun 3D game that can help you pass the time in your spare time. You need to help a ball fall down a spiral maze. Control the rotation of the spiral maze to find gaps for the ball to automatically fall. Until the ball hits the bottom of the maze, you win through the level.

Dangers for you

Of course, to create difficulty for players, in this spiral maze, there will be larger blocks and different colors. You need to stay away from those blocks or your ball will explode and start from the beginning of the level. The difficulty here is that those distinct blocks are all right next to the openings for the ball to fall. As the level increases, they will appear more and more. Besides, the jumping speed of the ball will also be faster and faster, it will be difficult for you to control.

Why should play Helix Jump?

This is a game that tests the skill and strategy of each player. It takes careful and quick observation to prevent the ball from encountering dangers when falling into the maze. Besides, every time the ball falls, it will break each floor, each floor of the maze at a fast speed. It will help you to relieve the fatigue in life. The game doesn't require you to solve puzzles or strategize tense battles. Simply jump, break, and enjoy the relaxing music of the game.

How to play Helix Jump

The ball will always drop automatically when it meets the gap so you need to rotate the maze.

  • On the phone: When playing on the phone, use your hand to rotate the maze.
  • On the computer: After tapping to start playing, use the mouse to rotate the maze to empty positions.

Get a high score on the leaderboard

How to get points

Each round you break of the maze you will get 10 points and continue to fall and get points until you reach the bottom of the spiral maze. The game will have a leaderboard for all players. What is the highest score you achieved? Did you know 105,034,522 points is the world record in this game? I believe you will break this record.

Some ways to get a high score

Pay attention to the gaps in a long row of the maze. If you fall there, you have broken and fallen many floors at once. That way you will have a lot more bonus points. Watch closely when you want to dance. Sometimes the ball that has just jumped down will immediately touch the block of a different color and you will lose immediately. So you need to stay alert and focused to get to the end. There will be no items from the help shop so jump your way and win.

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