Run 3

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What is Run 3?

A cute alien is running in Run 3, a vast galaxy. In this endless space, let the aliens avoid danger and jump over the black hole and run as far as possible.

Run 3 is the 3rd version of the famous endless running game series. You will control special alien characters in different galactic spaces. Their running speed will be faster and faster, with many dangers appearing constantly. This journey has countless dangers waiting for you. Run non-stop, don't fall, and don't collide with traps.

How to play Run 3

This fast-paced game requires the player to use the arrow keys to rotate and move the character's direction in the space tunnel. Remember to react quickly by pressing the spacebar or up arrow key to jump when encountering obstacles. It is the fragile platforms, space holes, traps, walls, or other dangerous things that you will discover as you run further and further away.

Modes in Run 3

Click Run 3 and choose the modes right away

Infinite Mode

Features: Endless running track. You need to run as far as possible to get a high score. It is suitable for beginners to practice a lot to get used to the speed and danger.

Alien Characters

The higher the level, the more characters you will unlock

  • Runner: This mummy-like character appears at the beginning of the game.
  • Skater: the character runs fast. Unlocked when reaching level 10.
  • Lizard: at level 40, this character runs a bit slower and can jump high.
  • Bunny: run fast and jump like a rabbit with long ears.
  • Child: Runs slowly and traverses fragile platforms.
  • Gentleman: He wears a black hat and runs fairly slowly.

Adventure Mode

Features: Players need to run in the shortest amount of time to reach the finish line and level up. Once you have mastered the alien characters, you can run and run and level up with different planets.

Online Mode

  • Press Play: Play against any player.
  • Create Room: Create your own room and create a Room ID to play with friends.
  • Private Room: Enter Room ID and play with friends.

Play with your friends, share your scores, and compete for a high rank together.

Get high scores in all 3 modes

When you want to jump far in the space holes, you should hold down the jump keys for a long time. Long press the character will have the momentum to jump higher and farther. But if the space way is short, press once. Concentrate, and pay close attention not to be distracted by the music or the rotation of the space. In addition, the energy boxes in the spaces also help you buy more in-game costumes to have more skills.