Crazy Roll 3D

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Why Crazy Roll 3D is loved by many people?

You and your friends can participate in Crazy Roll 3D with a 2-player mode. You need to avoid obstacles and jump over gaps space to go the farthest distance.

Captivating speed

Crazy Roll 3D is an extremely addictive speed game set in a space with shining neon block buildings. Here you will experience the feeling of sliding downhill with the lightning speed of a ball. It is both dangerous and helps you focus and forget all the stress.

Endless fuzzy space

The space is dim with neon lights plus the sounds in the game make you extremely excited. The game will have many levels, each level, the rolling speed of the ball will gradually increase. But this will be a continuous journey with no end. There is no such thing as when you are immersed in the speed that you stop the game and go to a new level. You will be playing seamlessly and see the ball running faster and harder to control.

Allow playing with friends

A special feature is that the game has a mode for two players and this is an opportunity for you and your friends to compete. You and your friends can directly run and show off skills together right on one screen. The two will compete together to see who can master the speed and travel longer distances. Let's quickly conquer this speed race right away.

What you will encounter along the way?

In Doodle Jump, you will probably find Crazy Roll 3 is a game with the most dangerous and also has the most diamonds for you to earn.

Sliding platforms

These platforms will be like slides. They protrude but do no harm. When your ball gets there there will be extra momentum to be able to slide and fly up. Note that sometimes it will be able to deflect the ball and fall.

Red platforms

It's just red squares that look harmless. If you collide with it, the game will end immediately. It is quite small and often appears suddenly in difficult-to-avoid corners, so many players have to lose right from the beginning.

Blue Diamonds

Of course, along the way of adventure, it is also indispensable for gems. They are scattered in many places. The more you have, the more skills and items you can buy to protect yourself. If you get 100 diamonds, you will trade your life. Moreover, you can use it to buy power-ups or exchange new balls in the shop.

Cosmic space

You must always stay on the right track. Master the speed and don't let the ball drop. Especially when you have to jump over distances, even a slight deviation can cause you to fall into the air and lose the game.

How to control the ball

In either single-player or two-player mode, you just need to use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move the ball. Cleverly dodge the obstacles and go further, the more you will win. If you are already a lover of the game Run 3 then I think this game will not make you difficult.

High ranking on Leaderboard

The game will record the speed you go along with the distance you have passed and aggregate it on the leaderboard. To use the acceleration function, press any of the keys 1, 2, or 3. But you must be able to control the speed extremely well. Use three boosters like Double Diamond, Shield, and Magnet as the game progresses. It will also shorten the distance considerably. All you have to do is go fast and go far.