Stickman Hook

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Description of Stickman Hook

A stickman in Stickman Hook is on a journey to find his parents. Take advantage of his rope hook and ability to overcome challenging stages.

Trying to save parents

The wicked men are kidnapping the stick man's family. He was unable to endanger his parents. He bravely goes through each level to find his family. To save his parents, he must successfully navigate 100 levels of danger. Now only you can accompany him and help him reach his destination.

The dangers of level

There is no easy way out. He must cling and walk along the deep roads, if not careful he will fall. how does he pass through many stages in this ramp-filled environment? Luckily, there are hooks at each stage of the level and he is very good at swinging skills. But the rope often has a tight shaft, having a rapid-spinning thread and a slow-spinning thread will get you in trouble. Walls, spikes, saw blades, and other obstacles will stand in your way, and you may lose the game at any point. Each level will include traps and unforeseen threats.

Control skill

Your goal is to assist the stickman in finishing each level's journey and rescuing his parents in the final level. You must master the skill of using hooks and swings if you want to do it. The figure you control is a stickman, but he has the ability to transform into little balls for ease of movement. He will start jumping and swinging when you begin to left-click. The hook that is most near the ball will stretch and catch. When you let go of the rope, the ball will swing off of it as the rope swings. You will win the stage if you continue swinging in that manner all the way to the finish line without incident. To forecast the force of the ball and its responses with any unexpected situations of certainty, you must practice a lot. You may also sometimes receive a bonus for your character's new appearance, such as fortunate sprouts or something like that. Looks cute and will give you more motivation. This journey is quite interesting and full of novelties, join this challenge with your friends on Doodle Jump.

What's new

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