Drive Mad

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Quests with Drive Mad

Enjoy the ride with Drive Mad now. You experience the difficulties of driving yourself and become a professional driver to prevent the car from tipping over.

Drive Mad is a simulation game that helps players experience many challenges. Like normal racing games, you will have to control the car to reach the finish line with the black and white flag and stripes. The special thing here is that if you win, you will have fireworks to celebrate and take pictures of that honorable moment. If you lose, which means you have caused the vehicle to overturn, fall or cause a collision, you will still be able to take pictures. But those pictures will be embarrassing pictures. It is the scene where you fall into the river, flip the wheel, ... Then you will have to play again and until you reach the finish line through the level.

Driving a car

Animating the car, you will feel like they are assembled from models. Indeed, while the vehicle is very powerful, it is quite easy to overturn. So controlling using arrow keys or ASDW is not easy for the car to run to the destination. Just go and experience, hone skills in all types of terrain and conquer challenges with more than 100 levels of Drive Mad.

Interesting things in Drive Mad


Upgrade your vehicle, unlock new tracks, and create the ultimate racing machine.

Vehicles: For those who are passionate about cars, the game will have all kinds of vehicles such as pickups, off-road trucks, cars, etc. They are endless and appear to suit each level of play.

Terrain: In the game, there will be many types of terrain you need to overcome such as many bricks and stones blocking the way. Many times you will have to go on suspension bridges hanging over the river. It is quite difficult to go. Sometimes you have to jump over the road with no way. Or simply climb steep slopes.


It came from the sound of wheelchairs and goats. When the car is running, you can still see smoke and rolling marks behind it. You will feel the danger despite zero gravity and even race against time. Many difficult terrains will also bring thrills with the calculation of the way.


Despite the variety of game modes and the challenges of time, Drive Mad's leaderboard is constantly updated with the achievements of the champions. Anyone in the world, whether skilled or poor, long-term or new, has the ability to rise to the top of the leaderboard.