Flappy Bird

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About Flappy Bird

Coming to Flappy Bird you will see a small bird learning to fly. You need to use skills to help the bird fly without hitting the chimney in the way.

A little yellow bird

Flappy Bird has been around for a long time on the Appstore and Google Play. The image of a small yellow bird flapping its wings over the chimneys is familiar and haunts the minds of many players. After the game was deleted, it was regrettable to most game lovers. Don't worry, Flappy Bird is available on Doodle Jump online. Still, the familiar golden bird image, let's play with friends right away.

The Bird's Mission

In the arcade game Flappy Bird, you will transform and control the beautiful little yellow bird flying through the chimneys. In the screen, each segment has a gap created by two chimneys. The bird has to go into those gaps. If it collides with chimneys or other objects in the flight path, the bird will also die. In addition, the bird must fly continuously, do not let the bird drop to the ground. This means that every time the bird collides, you lose the game and have to start over.

Controls Guide

The bird needs to flap its wings to fly continuously, stably, and without collision.


It is very simple to control the bird to fly

  • On the phone: Tap the screen
  • On the computer: Click


  • The faster you click, the higher the bird will fly, so pay attention to adjusting the speed so that the bird flies at the correct height.
  • Focus on the bottom pipe and top pipe to avoid over-flapping.
  • The altitude and path through the hole of this golden bird will change continuously.
  • There are quite large gaps, and there are quite small spaces.
  • Yellow birds are very easy to fall and crash their heads to the ground.
  • The farther they go, the more pipes form a maze and begin to move up and down on their own.


How to calculate points

If the bird only passes a pipe, you will have a gold coin. On average, players will have a score of 10 to 100. New players will only get under 10, working hard the score will increase and to achieve 100 points is quite impressive. This journey will not have a destination, the further the bird flies, the more points you will have.


  • 10 pipes- Bronze Medal
  • 20 pipes- Silver Medal
  • 30 pipes- Gold Medal
  • 40+ pipes- Platinum Medal

Player Feedback

Everyone says Flappy Bird has simple, gentle gameplay, but it is easy to make players angry. The bird was easy to fall, so they didn't have time to look closely and had to start over. But this is also the reason why they are so addictive and determined to conquer the challenge. Some even say Geometry Dash is a lot easier than this game. Someone has the highest score of 327, and someone is 458, what about you?