Moto X3M

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Driving with Moto X3M

Join Moto X3M you will participate in a journey full of dangers. Players will control the motorcycle to perform acrobatics in the air in many difficult races.


Do you know how to ride a motorcycle and explore different places?
Coming to the Moto X3M racetrack is a speed race that makes every player's heart flutter. It will be very suitable for those who like strong sensations. This game has a lot of levels with many different terrain races. Of course with each terrain will be a series of dangers to face. Try to see how your steering skills and reactions are.

Levels and maps

Moto X3M has 22 tracks ie 22 levels with 22 different location maps. At the beginning of the levels, there will definitely be winding roads uphill and mountains or bridges across the river. It will be very simple because you just have to master the speed and go straight. Then comes the dangers that make you lose the game. The high hills had falling rocks, giant saw blades that kept rotating, and so on. You need to play by yourself and the further you go there will be a lot of surprises that make you panic. You will have to constantly avoid the dangers that appear constantly.

Moto X3M and how to control

Learn how to control Moto skillfully and remember the following rules

Control Moto

  • Space = Start and Continue
  • Arrow keys/ADSW: move

Control rules

At each level, you will be going to different lands. Beautiful, but dangerous. You don't have time to look. Each level will have the total time you pass. That means even if you fall, time will continue to pass. To complete the level, you must reach the destination. So every time there is a collision, quickly press Enter immediately to return the car to the beginning of the track. The lower the total time to conquer your level, the higher you rank on the leaderboard. Every time you have a problem, you will be able to go back and you will not be able to make the same mistakes again. If you do not reach the destination, you absolutely cannot know what interesting things are waiting for you in the next stages.

Some tips for players

In 22 levels of the game, Moto X3M will be timed so the more you master the speed, the more time you master the more you will have an advantage. It will be very easy to tip over, please pay attention carefully. Pay attention to the path and perform acrobatics in the air to save time. The amount of time you play will be rated from 1 to 3 stars. That number of stars will help you evaluate your technique and ability. If you want you can also exchange a new motorcycle with more features.