Smash Karts

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Fun Race Smash Karts

Have you ever entered a 3-minute car race? Smash Karts will let you participate in such a short race so you collect weapons to be able to eliminate opponents.

Thrilling racing

The racing game genre in Doodle Jump like Moto X3M, it's always been the favorite genre of many players. It has always been a type of entertainment game that brings thrills. Smash Karts too, will also bring you adventurous races with many opponents. With state-of-the-art 3D engines and 3D physics, you'll feel like you're behind the wheel at a fast-paced pace. Quickly choose a cool racing car and try it out.

Smash Karts Track

The track setting will not be desert roads or dangerous mountain roads. The track here will be a circular frame with sharp turns. The multi-tiered track and colorful space set the mood for fun. Your character's opponents will be cute animals like frogs and rabbits. Everyone will be sitting in a small car but with many weapons. This race is only 3 minutes which is quite fast and there will be no time for you to prepare. Let's go and for the time being, people will know no one and confront each other. Only speed and people with a lot of fighting techniques can win the championship.

Mastering Smash Karts

As you know this race only lasts for 3 minutes. In the shortest amount of time, whoever can destroy the most opponents will be the winner of the game. You need to make the opponent explode and fall into the sea. Use carts to push other cars into the corner, use explosive weapons, and at the same time have to avoid the opponent's counterattack. In this match, there are no concessions, one must be proactive to be able to survive.

Mystery gift box

Along the track, there are mysterious gift boxes with question marks. These are gift boxes that can give you weapons like spikes, and cannons. You just have to go to those gift boxes and collect them. If you want to win against your opponent then you need to. Unfortunately, it only works for a short time. If you already have a weapon in your hand, immediately go to the opponents and stab them. Take the time and have a specific strategy, and you will become the person who can master the Smash Karts playground.

Upgrade and control racing cars


These racing cars are easy for you to control. With just the WASD or arrow keys, your car has easily mastered the game. If you are lucky enough to collect a lot of weapons, click Space to fire weapons. Flexible control and destroy opponents to become a battle racer and super talented.

Upgrade Car

In addition to using mysterious gift boxes to make your car can go to destroy opponents, you can buy more items in the shop. Since it is your own money, you can use it at any time and without limitation. To have money to buy those items you need to practice hard. Every time you kill an opponent you get a bonus. The more you accumulate, the more items you will be able to buy. Going around the track, you can also get gold coins. In the menu of Smash Karts, there will be countless characters, hats, weapons, etc for you to choose from. Upgrade the car with a lot of features to make the opponent scared.