Vex Challenges

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Race against Vex Challenges

Race against time in Vex Challenges to reach the finish line in 10 seconds. During that time, jump and earn enough 3 stars to complete the excellent level.

At Vex Challenges, you are racing against time to complete the task. Here, you will control a stick man running on difficult roads. These roads will sometimes appear as stairs, and gaps, and have to jump up. You have to conquer those difficulties to reach the green destination gate. Don't think it's simple, the important thing is that you only have 10 seconds to complete and also have to earn more stars along the way. Time pressure and intense music will sometimes make you scared and unable to control the stickman quickly. Anyway, you should try 75 levels of increasing difficulty to see if your abilities can be worked out.

Complete mission

Jump to the destination

Vex Challenges is a fast-paced skill game with lots of traps. In a limited time, jump and find the fastest direction to the finish line. The dramatic countdown timer is part of the appeal of the game. The green destination gate is approaching, try to run fast to pass the level.

Collect all 3 stars

In addition to reaching the finish line quickly, collecting all 3 stars is also a factor in determining the skill and score of each level. If you collect all 3 stars, the level is rated 3 stars. Of course, if you reach the finish line without any stars, the mission will not be completed, and vice versa. So do the math, take which stars are likely to be easiest to get. If you finish with 1,2 stars or 3 stars, the better, you have passed the stage successfully.

Unlock skins

This is like a hidden challenge for you so you can unlock skins for your character. Only when you reach a certain number of levels can you participate in this challenge. There are many interesting skins waiting for each player to be able to open for the character.