Tiny Fishing

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What do you need to do in Tiny Fishing?

If you are looking for an entertaining game without thinking, Tiny Fishing is a great option. Play as an old man on a boat and shaking a hook to fish for money.

A blue river, white clouds, green trees. This is the sign of spring has come in Tiny Fishing. There was an old man who had been waiting for the ice to melt and had rowed out into the middle of the river to fish after a long winter. What you need to do is help the old man control the fishing rod and fish. The more fish you catch, the more money you will earn. On a beautiful day like this, can you help him catch a lot of fish?

Fish a lot of fish and have a lot of money

Let's learn how to catch the most fish to earn a lot of money.

How to fish

In real life, you need to prepare the bait, hook it on the fishing rod and wait for the fish to come and bite. With Tiny Fishing you just need to use the mouse to drag the hook to the fish. Enough fishing rods will come up on their own. Playing on the phone, use your finger to pull the fishing line on the screen. When the fishing rod is pulled up, you will immediately collect the corresponding amount.

How do fish have a lot of money?

  • Right time: Pick a deep place and pull up at the right time. Luckily you will earn treasure chests with unexpected rewards.
  • Hard work: of course, if you work hard, play and practice performing daily tasks you will have the opportunity to receive special rewards.
  • Fish selection: Fish in the river have many types and they will have different values. The fish above cost only 10$ because it is easy to fish. The deeper the cubs, the higher the value. Especially should catch the goldfish. It is worth as high as $100.
  • Upgrade fishing rod: The cheaper the fishing rod, the smaller the number of fish you will catch and the shorter the line. Upgrading it to you will catch from 3 fish at a time to 5.6 fish and deeper in the riverbed. Each time you upgrade, you will spend more money.

Feature of Tiny Fishing

  • Relaxing gameplay
  • Free idle games on phones and computers
  • Crisp, vivid sound graphics
  • Many fish species can be stored in the Aquarium
  • Unlimited fishing