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What is Tetris?

Tetris is a game inspired by jigsaw puzzles on handheld consoles. When the colored blocks fall, arrange them 10 squares in a horizontal row to destroy.

For adults in the early 2000s, it was impossible not to know about handheld consoles, right? At that time the Internet was not as developed as it is now with online games, so Tetris has become one of the most successful and recognizable video games on game platforms and on handheld consoles. Tetris is currently an online version of the puzzle game that anyone can play for free anywhere.

What appeared on Tetris


When you start you press Start to play Tetris then you will see the blocks will fall continuously from the middle of the screen. The blocks all have different colors and shapes for players to easily distinguish. For example, a 2x2 red square block, a blue 3x1 L block, etc. The special thing is that these blocks can be converted into a 4x1 I-shaped block that can be converted into a 1x4 vertical block. The next blocks that are about to fall will also appear in the right corner of the screen.

Text appears

  • Lines: the number of lines you can destroy.
  • Score: based on the number of lines you destroy, your score will be calculated.
  • Level: based on the number of points, your level will increase.
  • Pause: used to pause. When you click here, you can play the new game again, adjust the sound or read the instructions carefully in the "help" line.

How to play Tetris

Convert blocks

The player can only switch shapes and position the blocks while the blocks are falling. If you want blocks in Tetris to change shape, press the up arrow key or the A key. If you want to move to different positions, use the arrow from left to right. If you want the block to fall faster, press the down arrow key. When the blocks fall and form a row of 10 cells, that row will be deleted. For each row removed, you will get 40 points. If you delete 2 rows in a row, you will get 100 points. If you delete more and more in one go, the number of bonus points will increase.


Calculate the arrangement carefully so that the falling blocks destroy as many rows as possible. You need to apply a little more math knowledge. Calculate how the tiles are put together without forming small holes. The blocks fall down and are not cleared for a long time when reaching the top row i.e. row number 18 then you lose.