Stair Race 3D

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Bridge building contest

In the game Stair Race 3D, you and your opponent have to build a bridge in your own color. Let's compete to see who can finish the bridge first and win.

This is a bridge-building competition of stickmen to see their agility. In Stair Race 3D, each level will have two stickmen competing against each other. Each person will be a different color. They will stay on the playing field and collect boards of the same color as themselves. Stickman will need your help to get around, collect and then go up the steps to stack them. When you have collected enough, you will complete the bridge to the destination. After reaching the destination, you will again go to a new level, a new land, and continue to build bridges. But you must be fast, and collect enough boards before the opponent in a short time or you will lose.

Bridge building process

Go collect the plank

Your opponent and you will be on the same playing field. Quickly move your stickman with the mouse and find boards of the same color. Then go to the place where the bridge needs to be built and leave it down. Each plank will be a ladder. Hurry up. There is no time for you to hesitate and think.

Things to pay attention to

While you and your opponent collect games, if you accidentally collide with your opponent, this will cause you to lose all the collected games. Pay attention not to let this happen and must quickly collect before your opponents. Collect stairs to lie down before you climb over obstacles. Avoid the obstacles or you will lose! You need to become the fastest climber and get a lot of money. There are no help items so climb the leaderboard your way.