Slingshot Vampire

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Peaceful life destroyed

Slingshot Vampire is about a vampire's journey to the top. Its castle is having many dangers like lava and spikes, it needs to jump up as high as possible.

From time immemorial everyone knows that vampires are afraid of light. They always live in ancient castles, sleeping in dark coffins. Only at night do they come out and begin to reveal their sharp teeth. In the game Slingshot Vampire you will enjoy the feeling of being alone in an ancient castle. But the peaceful days did not last long. The bad guys have already set traps around your castle. Lights are coming in, lots of sparks, spikes everywhere. Jump as fast as you can if you don't want to get burned, crushed, and lose the game.

Journey of Escape


Use your mouse and drag this little vampire. Then release your hand and he will jump up high. The stronger the hold, the higher the jump. You can also arbitrarily move from left to right so that the vampire jumps into the right position as you like.


  • Every time you hold down and move the mouse, there are arrows showing the vampire's flight path on the screen.
  • The vampire will only stand in small blue circles. Pay attention to shooting in the right direction, all other platforms are harmful to vampires.
  • Just shoot in the wrong direction, the vampire does not cling to the stop circle, it will fall to the advancing yellow light and lose the game.
  • If you are slow and don't make the vampire jump fast, the yellow light will also come. So once you press the button to start the game, you will have to jump continuously without stopping.

Item shop

The surrounding gold coins will be money for you to go to the shop to buy some costumes to change the appearance of the vampire. In addition to Slingshot Vampire, you can also collect additional shields or items to help you jump.