Scribble World: Platform Puzzle

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The Road in Scribble World: Platform Puzzle

Welcome to Scribble World: Platform Puzzle, a black-and-white world with scribbles. Here, you need to control the character to find the key and pass the level.

Surrounding scenery

This is a strange world. Everything is black and white even the houses, clouds, and trees. So what effect does that have? It makes every player attracted by this strangeness. Besides, it also highlights the character we control and the traps along the way. Please try to come to Scribble World and overcome the challenge.

Things you will encounter along the way

  • Gold Coins: sure, there are many gold coins in each level, you will see them anywhere you go.
  • Traps: there are many dangerous traps that you need to stay away from, or jump over them as the purple saw blade moves.
  • Red Heart: collect it, you will have more lives when colliding with danger.

Control and win Scribble World: Platform Puzzle


You will control our cute little character to go and find the box with the key. Then go to the destination door and pass the level. When you get to the right place, both the key and the door will open and show green. But you pay attention if you don't get the key properly and in the right box, when you go, the door will also close. The door and the key are always far apart, calculate the shortest and safest route.


  • W: dance
  • A: go left
  • D: go right