Runaway Toad

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General information about Runaway Toad

A toad is trapped in the princess' castle in Runaway Toad. He found his way out but is stuck in a swamp, let's help the toad jump out of the dangerous castle.

The story of a toad

When the fairy tale "The Frog Prince" was released, it was loved by the public, especially the little girls. They fantasize and admire the beautiful love of a prince and a princess. Our princess Blimp is the same, she is obsessed with the story and has managed to kidnap all the toads in the garden. She frantically searches for the handsome prince from the toads. So the game called Runaway Toad is a journey for you to help the toad get to the castle.

Journey of Escape

Runaway Toad with more than 100 missions is a long and dangerous journey. Start by finding an opportunity to escape by jumping from the high window of the castle down to the swamp. The toad will have to continue jumping on platforms such as rocks and leaves and must not fall into the water. Once dropped into the water you will be swooped down by the hawk, stolen, and taken back to the castle. What's worse is being caught by Princess Blimp sitting on a hot air balloon. So you have not completed the task. Moreover, at any moment you can fall into the claws of an owl, a mole, or any other wild and hungry animal. However, there will be some gentle animals to help you like the hippopotamus, a gentle animal that will push you out of the water immediately and you will narrowly escape. This escape will have to deal with harsh weather rain, sunshine, thunder, and lightning. From day to night, day to day, run hard and get freedom.

Things you need to do

Control jumping frog

Click and hold the left mouse button then release so that the frog will automatically jump. The longer you hold, the faster the frog will jump. Calculate the right jump so that the frog jumps right on the platforms without falling into the water.

Eat insects

Eat by clicking and swiping the mouse swiftly in the direction of the flying bug. Different insects give you different abilities.

  • Fireflies give you a better grasp of how far you will jump.
  • Green Dragonfly gives you the ability to float on water
  • Flies will give you hearts to help you.
  • Butterflies will give you more wings to fly.