Retro Bowl

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Your team in the Retro Bowl

It's time to manage your own soccer team. Retro Bowl will allow you to do that. Can you manage the players well so that the team can be famous?


Coming to the Retro Bowl, you can not only play football but also compete with your teammates. Now you can completely manage your own team. You've never done this before, have you? It's also not as simple as the fierce matches, but there is quite a lot of work to do. Be confident to try your best and lead the team to grow strong.

Things to do

The first step is to recruit all the athletes for your team. Recruiting healthy elite athletes. You must know their strengths and divide them according to the positions of the team such as attack or defense, midfielder, or defender. Help them practice their skills regularly with the use of a mouse and near. The more shots your team hits the opponent's goal, the more bonus you get. Since they are the ones making money for you, you also need to pay them. In addition to full pay, to increase your group's popularity and presence, you can buy newspaper posts. With fame comes notoriety. Of course, once a controversy occurs, speak out for the athletes on your squad.


  • Training facilities and stadium upgrades: use Training Credits to upgrade. Fans will love it and you will get more experience points.
  • Rehabilitation facility upgrade: help your team members recover faster.
  • Hire staff: After every football match, several members of your team will be injured. At this point, you need to hire more offensive and defensive coordinators to replace them.


  • Game Achievement: Complete 26 achievements and you will receive many attractive rewards.
  • Career Achievement: You will be a good manager if you achieve all 29 career achievements.
  • Office Achievements: You need to complete separate missions to get 16 office achievements.