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Alien Pou

Pet care in Pou is being loved by many young people. What you will have to do and how to take care of them so that they can love you? Feed them and bathe them.

Pou is a virtual alien pet. He got lost and is at your friend's house. My uncle has not been able to bathe or eat for a long time. Now it has adopted you as its owner and you need to take care of it with all your love. Play with Pou and earn money to level up. You will enjoy your time with a cute pet and watching them grow up is a kind of happiness. Don't delay, do your daily tasks with Pou right away.

Mission activity

Taking care of Pou

Pou is like the rest of us, dirty, hungry, and in need of rest. The first is always to clean personal hygiene. You just need to click and drag the soap and bathe Pou. When it's hungry, open the cupboard and get food. Then brush your teeth, turn off the lights, and rest. You just need to do the right Pou care tasks carefully and you will get money. That money will also let Pou buy new clothes, accessories, colors, etc. And yet you can also change the room. Coming to a space is more expensive and has more advantages for Pou to grow.

Play game

In addition to taking care of your appearance, spend some time with Pou to keep Pou happy. There are tons of fun games that both can try like hill driving, skydiving, water jumping, and jet flying. The happier and more Pou laugh, the more bonus you get. Most importantly, both you and Pou, let's test Potions at the Laboratory if you are not afraid of danger.

Help Pou level up and grow

Every day, you will get daily tasks to complete to get bonus points and level up to make Pou bigger. Gradual leveling up means Pou will go from baby to adult and old. At the same time, it will also unlock a variety of interesting costumes.