Penalty Kick Online

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About Penalty Kick Online

The moment of Penalty kicking is always the anxiously waiting moment. With Penalty Kick Online, you are the one to take the Penalty and bring the team victory.

Suspenseful scene

Penalty shots are always the most thrilling and most awaited moments. This is the moment that decides whether your team will win or not. The opponent's ball and goal are in front of you. No one is stealing your ball. You and your team are very close to victory. The whole team has been counting on you, letting you take these penalties with absolute confidence. Does the sound of the audience cheering in the stands again put you under pressure?


You are the one who takes the penalty shootout, so your task is quite light. Do not compete for the ball. You just need to use your 15 shots to score the goal. Get the ball into the opponent's net as much as possible. The team with the most goals wins after five rounds! The number of goalkeepers will also increase as the levels progress, making the game more difficult. Hold your breath, and focus when the goalkeeper does not pay attention to start the beautiful kicks of a lifetime.

Win the championship

To help the player shoot the ball, drag and swipe carefully to make the penalty successful. If your kicking force is too strong, the ball will fly away, and weak force is easy to catch the ball by the goalkeeper. Try to earn as many wins to enter the final of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. You will face the strongest teams but if you win you will be the one to win the championship. In Penalty Kick Online you have to really pay attention to the goalkeeper and fool them. Although the number will be crowded through each level, don't worry. If your ability to accurately calculate force and timing is good, you will pass safely.