Parkour Block 2

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About Parkour Block 2

Parkour Block 2 is a multi-level Parkour game. Jump to the end with the purple portal from block to block without falling into the lava below.

Welcome to a block world Parkour Block 2. The game is inspired by the parkour map in Minecraft. This is a skill test for you. Here, if you want to pass a level, you must reach the prominent purple destination gate at the end of the road. You need to jump from block to block. At the bottom is a stream of hot lava. Your jumps are not allowed to make mistakes or you will fall there and start over from the beginning of the level. Plan the correct path to successfully complete 42 levels of the game. The challenges through each level will of course become more and more difficult and will make many people feel frustrated. Believe me, just work hard and control the character a little skillfully, and you will be able to complete the task perfectly.

Complete mission

Learn how to control the character to make quick and accurate jumps to complete the level with the highest 3 stars.


  • WASD / arrow keys to move
  • Space to jump
  • L-Shift to run
  • Double Esc to open the menu

Get stars

The time you complete a level will determine the number of stars obtained in each level. That means you control the quick jumps to reach the finish line in a short time, then you will get many stars and high ratings from the game.

Menu of Parkour Block 2

In Parkour Block 2, unlike other games. The game's menu only has Sound and Sensitivity. This is just a slight adjustment of vision and sound to keep you from losing focus. It won't have a store with help items. Play and rely on your own strength to win everyone will recognize your talent.