Papa's Pizzeria

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What is Papa's Pizzeria?

Papa's Pizzeria is about the management of the pizzeria of the boy Roy's father. Learn how to bake cakes, serve customers and make famous Pizzerias.

Roy's father's small Pizza shop is in danger of closing because he is too old. This is his passion, he alone manages this store and feeds his family. Roy has decided to take over the store on behalf of his father. He was determined to learn to make pizza and wanted to expand the shop so that everyone could enjoy pizza according to his father's recipe. He needs your help. Can you and he make the store grow? A series of situations are waiting for you in Papa's Pizzeria.

Learn to Manage a Pizza Shop

How To Play: Use a mouse click to bake and move.

Learn how to make a cake

Of course, the first thing is to make the right cakes according to Dad's recipe. Knead the dough, add enough seasoning, bake, and cover with other foods to make it look nice. The most important thing is to watch the baking time. If left in the oven for a long time, the cake will burn and spoil.

Create new dishes

Pizza is a popular fast food everywhere. If you want to keep customers, you have to standardize the taste. If you want to have more new customers, you must create a special menu and space. Unlock more pizza toppings. It should be eye-catching and delicious foods such as sausages, mushrooms, bell peppers, olives, etc. You can add to the menu some side dishes such as some drinks and ice cream desserts.

Attention to customers

In one day there will be many different guests coming. Some people are very easygoing, some people are difficult. To understand their taste preferences, check out their profiles and prepare accordingly. The scariest thing is that at peak hours, the number of applications will be very large and you will be overwhelmed. Pay attention to first come first serve and do not lose customers. In exchange, if you perform well and satisfy the consumer, you will receive an additional gratuity.