Narrow One

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Archery Arena at Narrow One

Do you want to test your archery skills in an environment full of good archers? In Narrow One you just need to steal the opponent's flag to win.

Maps and opponents

Every archer will love Narrow One for the gameplay because of the playground setting. You can try competing in the playground with many players. This place will not be simply archery practice scenes anymore. Here you will shoot real people, they are different players just like you. There will be 15 maps, which correspond to 15 3D competition venues, allowing you to participate in the most realistic way possible. Each map is a playground with a different layout. There will be its own dangers and battle strategies will also have to change. The field will change players constantly if they lose, which means your opponent also changes constantly. Don't be surprised if you meet a top archer or newcomers who don't shoot properly.

Necessary requirements

There are many maps, and there are many strange opponents that make players never get bored. But this is a fast-paced game, you don't know what might happen next. The game allows players to observe all actions from a first-person perspective, so it is not too easy to grasp the situation around them. Especially the opponents in the back. Agility, archery, control skills, observation of the situation, and making strategies are essential to winning.

Take the opponent's flag

Narrow One allows you to both solo and team up with friends across rooms. In the ancient castles on each map, you and everyone must defend the castle against hostile forces. You destroy your opponent and take the cards back to yourself. If archery is not too good, you can go and win the flag yourself. But if you don't practice to increase your technique, you will be killed by your opponent. In a fast-paced and chaotic match like this, it is possible to shoot the wrong teammate. If you kill the opponent, you will receive money and other incentives that will help you enhance your power value. If you do not immediately take the flag and your opponent shoots and kills, you will lose. At the end of each match, each player's score and amount of flags will be totaled. You and your pals attempt to keep the castle and remove the bad opponents.

How to win


  • WASD or arrow keys: move
  • Move mouse: look around
  • Space: dance
  • Left mouse: shoot

Support items

  • Supply upgrade: there are 6 types of bows, if you have money, upgrade to increase combat power
  • Weapons: there are more than 30 types of melee weapons like guns
  • Skins: there are more than 200 different skins and skills for the character.