Moon Jump

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Jump high in Moon Jump

Welcome to the world of the high jump with Moon Jump. In the game, the ball needs to jump to higher platforms to reach the moon and flag, let's control it.

Jump to the finish line and the moon

Moon Jump challenges your jumping ability. In the game, you will have to control a small round ball with a dream to reach the moon. Your goal here is to help it reach the moon and meet the flag to pass the level. So you need to control them to jump high and jump long to reach that destination. You just need to use your mouse to click to let them jump on the platforms one by one. Click as many times in a row as they will jump higher. Keep jumping like this until you see a red-flagged platform and you have won.

A few things to note

  • Levels are not timed.
  • The ball will not be able to move from left to right. You can only control them to jump straight up.
  • There are also tilted platforms, which rely on their slope to complete missions.
  • At high levels, the platforms will not stand still, they will move. There will also be times when you will encounter fragile platforms, when you jump on them, you will fall and lose.

Earning Coins

Ways of income

Players can get gold coins by jumping straight and contacting them along the way. When you complete the mission Moon Jump will also evaluate the skill and time to give you bonus coins. If you want x2 of that bonus coins, you can watch the ad.

Earn coins for what

This gold coin is quite valuable. It shows that you are very good at playing, so you can get a lot of bonus coins. Most importantly, you can use it to unlock new costumes for the ball and customize the look to look better according to your preferences.