Math Matchsticks

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Puzzles with matches

It's time to solve puzzles with Math Matchsticks. The matches arrange into a wrong calculation, you need to move the position to make the calculation.


When you start playing Math Matchsticks you will see a math calculation on the screen. Matches are arranged to form numbers and a calculation. But this calculation is wrong as 3+3=5. Your task will be to rearrange the matches so that the calculation is correct. Note that in each level, there will be a number of moves equivalent to the number of times you move the matchstick. You must move enough 1 matches or 2 matchsticks as required. So you will pass the level and get bonus points. The game has a total of 100 levels, as the level increases, the difficulty also increases, requiring players to think and be more patient.

How to play

Use the mouse to drag and click the matches in the wrong places. An example for you to easily imagine. The available calculation is 8-3=3. This calculation is wrong and you only have one match move. Then take the match at the number 8 to make it zero and move it to the minus sign to make it a plus. So we have the correct calculation is 0+3=3.

Why should play Math Matchsticks?

Math Matchsticks math game is loved by many players. It helps children no longer fear learning math and doing calculations. Every player is entertained and trained in mathematical thinking. Plus it's free so don't waste time, start solving math puzzles with matches right away.