Jumping Clones

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Explore Jumping Clones

Join Jumping Clones and you will find you and your clones in the maze. Both perform the same actions and need to reach the destination port before danger.

Player-controlled character

Coming to Jumping Clones, you are not really controlling a stickman or any other strange character. You only control 2 small squares. It is white and has one eye, so it looks like a dice at first glance. The name of the game is Jumping Clones so both these blocks will be copies of each other and have the same actions. Both are trapped in dangerous spaces and only you can help them out.

Dangerous spaces

The dangerous space that appears in the game is a surrounding place. The special thing is that the space at each level is constantly changing. One thing that does not change is that they are all divided into two nearly identical halves. The two clones are both in one part. Each of these sections has obstacles such as spikes, wormholes, etc. All you need to do is get to the moving square destination gate. That is the exit, the exit door to pass the level. How to get there is thanks to your ability to reason and skillfully control.

Winning Jumping Clones


On the computer:

  • Start: Space/ Enter
  • Move left and right: arrow left and right
  • Jump: up arrow
  • Reset: R
  • Back to the previous screen: B

On the phone: press the keys on the screen.


These two characters will be controlled at the same time, so you need to pay attention to dangerous objects around. Maybe character 1 is not in danger, but character 2 will fall into a thorn trap. So you've already lost the game. You will win when both have to reach the destination gate. After playing, you will find yourself able to have more problem-solving, perseverance, handling complexity, and trial-and-error skills. Let's explore each interesting space in Jumping Clones with your friends.