Jump The Wall

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A jump competition

It's time to test your reflexes with Jump The Wall. This is a running contest, you need to help the kid in the red hat run and jump to reach the finish line.

In a city, there was a kid in a red hat who wanted to jump over challenges with two other opponents. The other two opponents are cowboys or monkeys with excellent jumping skills. Our main character needs your help. So all three had a dance competition right in the desert. Everyone found the roads with the most obstacles and started jumping to see who could jump the highest to reach the finish line fastest. Are you ready to thoroughly prepare for this contest?

Difficulties and how to jump

Foreign objects along the way

Because of carefully choosing the race track but in the desert, players will encounter a lot of strange things. It could be walls, rocks, plants that eat animals or windows, or even camels. This barren desert place is full of strange foreign obstacles appearing in the way. At each level, the obstacles will also change, and the frequency of occurrence is also. Simply time it and jump past them, can you?


Use the mouse or use your finger to drag on the screen for the character to gain momentum. Then release your hand and the character in Jump The Wall will jump.

Pass the level

You can only finish first, then you can pass the level and reward gold coins. About two or about three is also not acceptable. The character will automatically run so you have to help the character jump far to shorten the time. If every wrong jump, the character is hit by an obstacle, it will fall and it will take a while for the character to wake up. Pay attention to calculating the jump to make the task as quickly as possible.

Mystery box

To support players, Jump The Wall will have white mysterious boxes with floating question marks. You jump on that box it will give you and the character strength. It could be going through a wall without falling or jumping several meters. It is very helpful for getting your first place in this race.