Jump And Hover

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Overview of Jump And Hover

Jump And Hover is an alien character's journey to escape the maze. It's stuck and doesn't know the exit, help it recharge and reach the destination gate.

Characters in Jump And Hover

In Jump And Hover you will control an alien three-legged character. Don't be afraid to find it different. He has a beautiful blue color and is very gentle. He was also only about the size of a square block, with two eyes that were also square and black. This alien also has the ability to jump high and far in the air but that takes a lot of energy.

What appears on the play screen?

Jump And Hover is an adventure of our alien character. He loves to experiment and has adventurous journeys to various labyrinthine worlds. Each maze will have a different background in it. It's the platform, the pedestal for the alien guy. Each level will have different positions. But remember to stay away from red platforms if you don't want to stop the game immediately. At the top or in the corners of the maze there will be a black hole with moving white spots. It is the transformation gate, just go there, and you will enter a new space. Join this alien guy on an adventure through each level.

Trip with a three-legged character

Help the character move

  • Press A, D/left, and right arrow keys to move
  • Press W/up arrow key or space (hold in the air to hover) to jump/hover
  • Press R to reset
  • Press Esc or B to back

Character's energy bar

Every time you control the 3-legged character jumping on top of it, a green bar will appear. It is the bar that displays the energy. High energy will have high jumping power. When you run out of energy, you will start to fall. The energy bar will go from green to yellow, and finally red. At that time, the character has run out of energy and cannot jump. To regain energy recharge from mid-air. Remember to align your energy carefully if you don't want to fall on the red platforms and lose the game.

Some more info

  • Release Date: December 2021
  • Developer: Robert Alvarez.
  • Platform: Web browser (desktop and mobile)
  • Last Updated: Mar 20, 2023