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Crossword and stickman

Hangman is a crossword puzzle game with available characters. Each time the wrong answer is, the stickman will appear. Wrong many times he will hang himself.

Looking at the name Hangman you can hardly tell this is a word puzzle game. Usually, a hanging man has nothing to do with word puzzles. Nor is it guessing the names of the stickman characters involved. This is still just a secret crossword puzzle game through the available themes. But when you answer wrong, next to you will have an extra drawing of the stickman from the head, legs, and arms. If you answer many wrong questions and draw a lot until you form a stickman, you have not completed the task of solving the crossword. But rest assured, you can start over, but you should still think carefully.

Win with Hangman

How to play

When playing on the computer, a keyboard will appear. Use your mouse to click each letter that you think is correct. Playing on the phone is faster when you can automatically type it on the keyboard. Try each word and use mental intelligence to get the right result. Remember that the number of attempts is limited because a stickman word will appear wrong.

Pass the level

With each letter guessed correctly you will score points until you solve the crossword will pass the level. Then you will have more bonus stars. Get the highest total score after 5 rounds to win the game and earn a trophy. Remember to pay attention to the theme of the game at each level. If the topic is Pets and there are 3 words in the crossword, be sure to try cat or dog. These mysterious phrases are not unfamiliar to too many people and try to think not to let the stickman hang. Each level will be a puzzle that will surprise you and train your vocabulary and thinking ability.