Getaway Shootout

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Paper Man Battle in Getaway Shootout

In Getaway Shootout, there is a chaotic fundraiser among the paper people. Join this war with your friends to collect weapons to destroy your opponents.

Special Battle

It can be said that Getaway Shootout is a chaotic battle. Our paper people are fighting in many different locations. On wagons, factories, workshops, mines, etc. This war is spontaneous and takes place anywhere. No matter who the opponent is, just collect weapons and destroy them. An interesting thing in this battle is that the paper people here are very special. They always lean forward or backward. This is a battle that smells of gunpowder but is actually quite funny.

The process of acquiring weapons

Your battle location is in many places on the moving carriages, the factories under construction here are certainly unspoiled and easy to fight. As you know, these paper guys are quite funny. Constantly tilting and difficult to control. So places with elevators, or buses are the places to help move quickly. So then, you and everyone just need to go collect all kinds of gun bombs to carry with you.


Every time you meet an opponent, shoot them, but the weapon only works for a short time. So constantly have to go collect different weapons. In addition, if no one reaches the finish line, no matter what accident everyone encounters, they will not lose. If you bump into danger or get shot by your opponent, you will return to the game round from the beginning. But that will take up some of your time. You need to make everyone finish slower than you. If you want to win, you must use a careful strategy.

How to Play

Player 1:

  • W = jump left
  • E = jump right
  • R to use weapons

Player 2:

  • I = jump left
  • O = jump right
  • P to use a weapon