Eggy Car

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Introducing Eggy Car

Eggy Car is a fun game to try driving with a giant egg on the car. On the road, you must both get the coin and balance the speed so that the egg does not fall.

Strange car

Have you ever seen a car on the road carrying an extra large egg? If not, you haven't played Eggy Car yet. In Eggy Car, you will see a car carrying a huge egg. The eggs are so big that they can be seen almost half out of the car. They can fall at any time. It's dangerous.

What do you need to do?

You need to control the car running on the road without breaking the egg. The path will not force you to go at a fast speed so you will have to go at a steady level so that the egg does not fall. Know how to manage the speed, know when to stop, when to accelerate. Carrying eggs while enjoying the beautiful scenery and earning a lot of coins. When you go, you also collect more blue stones, it can freeze your eggs and will make it harder for them to fall off the car. But its use is limited. Remember, the road will not be straight, there will be bumpy and bumpy roads, there will be traps in the way. Move to avoid continuously, but in return, the beautiful scenery around will make you surprised.

Control the car carrying eggs

  • On the phone: Press the right accelerator key to accelerate, stop, and press the left brake button.
  • On a computer: Press the left and right arrow keys on the keyboard or the A, D buttons.

Best Score

The best Score is the distance you and the car travel. It is calculated from the starting point to the first place the egg hits the ground when it falls. Practice a lot, your best score will be high. I am sure you will break many records.


There are 5 types of vehicles for you to choose from in the store and their prices are not cheap. There is 1 available when you start playing and the other 4 range from 200-1000. The higher the price of the car, the wider and taller the car, the harder it will be for the eggs to fall on the road. So let's actively make money.