Catch the Candy

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General Introduction to Catch the Candy

Catch the Candy is a multi-level puzzle game. You need to find the answer to help a furry character find his candy in various locations and level up.

Fluffy character

This is the main character in the game that you control. This character has a purple color and fluffy feathers. It is small and round like a ball. Although he doesn't let go, he has long arms. He has the ability to use that arm and propel himself forward to move.

Red lollipop

This milk and strawberry-flavored candy bar is a favorite of the character. It has a swirling red-white color and always hides in hard-to-find locations. It is your main goal and the furry character.


Catch the Candy is a game with many levels. Featuring 77 levels with colorful graphics and realistic image-based mechanics. Each level is a different space such as a desert, golf course, manufacturing factory, or ancient world, ... You will participate in puzzles and visit different locations. Be enjoy.

Gameplay of Catch the Candy

Your goal when playing the game will be to help the furry character get his favorite candy. Use the creativity and abilities of the character you control. You just need to click to let him use his long arm to reach the candy. Besides, you need to use logical thinking to find the way. You have to be agile, like seeing candy stuck in a door at a factory. You need to find the switches, open them, and swing, and jump over the platforms to reach the candy destination.