Burger Bounty

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Manager of a hamburger restaurant

Burger Bounty is a simulation game of managing a Burger restaurant. When playing, you will learn how to serve customers, collect money, and expand the shop.

Open a hamburger shop alone

You are a young man and you have saved your own money to open a hamburger restaurant. You can get a taste of what it's like to run a hamburger joint on your own with Burger Bounty. You are alone with no staff or anyone who can help you. No problem, Burger Bounty will have instructions with arrows showing the direction and what you need to do at the first guest. Please keep this in mind.

Learn how to make a cake

To begin with, you'll act as if you were an employee welcoming guests by sanitizing the seats and tables. You must prepare a clean environment before guests want to come to your restaurant to try it. Once guests have arrived, quickly review their food orders and get to the kitchen. To bake like a chef, you must acquire the necessary skills. To start making the ingredients, spread the sauce over the two slices of bread in the correct order. The key stage is Establish the ideal timing and number of cakes to provide for the guests. The cake should not be too cold or overbaked. Adjust the time to take out the cake and bring it out to serve customers.

Serving customers and collecting money

After the customer finished eating, the customer went to the counter to pay and you also need to go there to collect money. It is the amount of money that results from your labor. Remember, when you make cakes for too long, customers can't wait for them to leave. If the service is fast and good, they will be satisfied, and next time will definitely come again.

Clean up

After the guests leave, continue to clean the tables and chairs, bring the dirty dishes into the kitchen sink and then continue the process of going to the next boss. All day you will hang around in the kitchen and out serving customers. Busy, tired, rush hour, guests will be crowded, must know how to arrange a time.

Business expansion

To expand your business at Burger Bounty you must have money yourself. Remember to use the arrow keys on the keyboard to make the character go fast and serve the guests. If the guest leaves, the money will be lost. After you have sold quite a lot, click on the blank spaces with the amount shown above. Pay and then buy more tables and chairs to serve more guests. The day you work harder, the shop will be bigger and better when you have a stable number of customers. Let everyone know how good your hamburger is. You can also upgrade your character to grow with the restaurant. Good luck!