Blumgi Slime

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A colorful world with Blumgi Slime

Coming to the world of Blumgi Slime, you will control the cute slime. Sline just needs to jump, and avoid obstacles to reach the finish line with yellow flags.

Blumgi Slime is like a child's world with puppets and waves, a sun, etc. The special thing here is that the color of everything is not like in real life, there are coconut trees that are purple. The colors here are like a fairy tale world with prominent pink and purple tones. However, it is not dazzling, but on the contrary, it is very beautiful and attractive to the eyes. Also here there are platforms such as round pipes, and square pedestals. These are the platforms for the line to jump up and down. This world is a child's world with only jumping and sliding. You will be able to control the slime to gain momentum, jump on it and proceed to the finish line with a yellow flag.

Two modes in Blumgi Slime

Single player mode

In this single-player mode, you only pass the level when you reach the destination black and white striped pipe. Left click and hold to let the slime sink to gain momentum, and release your hand to jump. Note, the longer you hold, the higher and farther the slime's jumping force will be.

Two-player mode

You can invite your friends to play with you. The playing screen will appear with 2 smiles in two halves. Whoever jumps to the finish line first wins.

  • Player 1: Hold and release the A button.
  • Player 2: Hold and release the M button.

How to make slime jump to the target fast

Take advantage of the square wall-shaped platforms to give you thrust. When the slime collides with the wall, the slime will bounce back. Or if those things can get in your way, you should look elsewhere. If you let the small slime jump too high, the slime will fall out of place and disappear. If you let the slime jump too low and fall into the water, you will also lose and replay the level. Because the problem of adjusting the jumping force is quite important.